Romain Attanasio

Fortinet is proud to support Romain Attanasio on his journey towards the Vendée Globe 2024 challenge, known as the Everest of the Seas, the only sailing race round the world, solo, non-stop and without assistance. Cybersecurity and sailing have much more in common than we might think, it is all about risk management, high performance, innovation, adaptability, and speed.

"Fortinet is delighted to team up with Romain Attanasio through this partnership that is based on common values and goals,” said Patrice Perche, Chief Revenue Officer & EVP Support at Fortinet. “Fortinet’s vision is to make possible a digital world you can always trust by security data, applications, devices and people everywhere. We do this by delivering broad, integrated and automated security that delivers the highest speed, performance and innovation in the industry. Similarly, technology, innovation and speed are redefining the sport of sailing and we look forward to exciting and engaging racers, fans, employees and customers in the races ahead.

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