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Convergence 2023

Monaco on 8 – 10 November is the place to be because that’s the “where and when” of Convergence23. 

Convergence23 is all about Complexity – What it is, Why does it exist and its impact on the enterprise’s ability to protect itself, and most importantly, how it can be eliminated.

Fortinet will bring together experts from across EMEA to look at complexity in all its forms and how Convergence – a strategic approach to cybersecurity – eliminates complexity and accelerates digital outcomes. 

Want to revisit Convergence22? Then click below to watch all the sessions from Monaco in 2022!


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Universal ZTNA & SASE Summt

In just a few short years, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) have revolutionized how digitally transformed networks are built and secured. These distinct and separate technologies can be deployed independently of each other, but their true value is when they are brought together to seamlessly converge networking and security. Watch Fortinet’s Universal ZTNA and SASE summit where experts dive into the convergence of Secure SD-WAN and SASE.

Fortinet UKI Security Day 2023

This annual cybersecurity event brought together more than 400 cybersecurity professionals. With a focus on how a cybersecurity platform approach can achieve greater resilience and reduce complexity this UK event gathered Fortinet customers and partners to address how to deal with the Challenge of Change. Watch the sessions now, from the opening thoughts from Paul Anderson, VP UKI and Maxine Holt, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Research, Omdia, through to customer insights and Fortinet solution experts.

Accelerate 2023

The theme for this year’s Accelerate conference was “experience a secure future now.” Change is happening fast, and the network has edges that are anywhere and everywhere. More endpoints mean more risks and cyber criminals are already exploiting them at a scale and speed we’ve never seen before. Whether it's automating, consolidating, or converging, everyone needs to be prepared for the unexpected.


As disruptive trends such as Cloud, 5G, and OT / IT convergence sweep the industry, the potential attack surface expands, visibility is diminished, and complexity increases. The antidote is convergence – not just a convergence of technology within the Security Operations Center (SOC), but a merging of Network and Security Operations at both a technological and organizational level. Explore all the intricacies of this journey through a selection of videos from the Fortinet Convergence Summit.

Latest Webinars

Knowledge is not only power, but a key enabler of career progression and business success. Fortinet Webinars help you attain crucial understanding of all the trends and technologies key to your role as a cybersecurity professional in 2023. These videos cover topics such as Network Security, Secure SD-WAN, Security to and from the Cloud, 5G security, IT & OT convergence, and many more.
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